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Bookshop Artificium and "Zweitausendeins"

We can offer to and order for you: literature and fiction, international and especially greek literature, crime novels and thrillers, philosophy and social sciences, children books, politics and history, poetry, art, music and film, from our program as well as from ''Zweitausendeins''.

From January the 1st, 2016 Artificium will represent ''Zweitausendeins'' exclusively in Berlin.

Frequently asked question: paying by debit- or creditcard is of course possible.

We are the only bookstore in Berlin which offers such a wide selection of greek books (by the way also children books). If you are interested in learning greek in Berlin you can book a language course directly at Artificium. Zyranna Stoikou, greek philologist, offers greek lessons in a seperate classroom within our bookstore.

Two metro lines, U8 and U9, cross at ''Osloer Str.'' station (which is just around the corner) and therefore we can be reached within less than a quarter of an hour from both east and west Berlin.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Artificium.

Matthias Kröger and Stefan Kellerman

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